Current & Planned Investments

When we look at investing with a partner or project, we will first explore the scope for protecting our investors’ risks by ensuring we never lend or invest without sufficient asset value, and an ability to recover our position. Typically with power production financing, we will have a charge or debenture over the asset as well may take assignments over the revenue streams, such as the power purchase agreement.

We will look at investing both debt and equity into projects, but are intending to ensure a blend whereby 80% of all our investments will be made via debt or debt based secured instruments to ensure yield is regularly collected and able to be paid out to investors. To avoid us being prevented from taking equity in a project where available, we will become equity partners in a project that we provide debt in as well where appropriate, to ensure board representation can be maintained whilst a secured investor. This combines to provide additional layers of security to investor capital deployed.

Our team and affiliates are constantly searching for viable and attractive investment opportunities that fall within our criteria. We have options and heads of terms with the following investments for financing:

Our deal process is led by the need to identify and control risks to ensure, that as much as possible all downsides for a project are reduced and if any remain are covered with guarantees or insurances.

When we are looking at evaluating an existing asset that is operating, then due diligence is primarily around security of feedstock or reliable availability i.e. if wind/solar; reliability and maintenance provisions for the equipment; operational team and guarantees for purchase prices / offtake agreements for revenues.

When we are considering a new build opportunity, we obviously still need to be satisfied with the criteria for existing assets. However, with overriding there is typical development criteria to consider, such as planning and permit permissions, reliability and track record of the construction partner(s) and whether the equipment proposed has a track record.